The Man Bible: A Survival Guide by L.A Casey 4⭐️

By L.A Casey
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is the final book in the Slater Brothers series by L.A Casey. If you are familiar with the series you will know that Nico Slater is the writer of said guide. He would always impart his wisdom to his older brothers about relationships. So, he decided to make a guide for his brother’s eyes only.

Technically reading the series doesn’t have to be read but you get a feel of the characters more as he is giving his advice. I literally was laughing out loud and even read some parts to my hubby. His only response was “tell me, why are women so crazy? Seriously” haha 😂😂

It is a short and quick read. I highly recommend this survival guide. If you want a quick, easy and lol read this is for you!! Thumbs up to L.A Casey for putting into words how “crazy” woman can get. 😜

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