Someone Like You by Alexandra Silva 4.5 ⭐️


By Alexandra Silva

4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

Available January 31

This friends to lovers, slow-burn contemporary romance by Alexandra Silva is enjoyable. Dorian Anson is a single mom, who’s life consists of work and her son, Daniel. After losing her fiancé she closes herself off from any type of male companionship due to guilt. Jacob “Jake” Roth is the happy go lucky guy of the group. he is Dorian’s brother, Jamie’s best friend.

“He kissed the very tip of my nose lightly before he touched his forehead to mine.”

Both dealing with issues that stem from their past, the pair decide to not fight the attraction that they’ve had for each other and finally decide to have a no strings attached kind of relationship which is strictly just for fun with no commitment. What they have leads to a love so strong that both fight the feeling as to not burden each other with their issues.

“It was that precise point in time that my heart decided it was never letting go.”

Dorian and Jake’s story was so honest and realistic. It was genuine and the journey to love had its ups and downs but at the end of it all the foundation of their friendship was too solid to crumble. Once walls around their hearts were torn down and all was laid out the pair found their hearts beat as one.

“Every freaking beat is yours, you gave me my heart back when I didn’t realize it was missing.”

Alexandra takes us through heartbreak, loss, addiction but shows us that when you find someone, the right person to stand by your side, it makes opening your heart worth is. I highly recommend this book!

Dorian Anson is my friend. She’s the only person who’s ever questioned my smiles. My jokes. The one liners that have our friends shaking their heads at me.
I’ve lived my life on those smiles. They never failed me, until her.

I wasn’t counting on her when I designed my front. I never imagined the possibility of someone like her coming into my life.

The wild hair, the kind smile and those eyes that see everything.

She was the girl with the beautiful soul, pretty face and whole heart. But hearts aren’t made to stay whole.

I watched hers break. I watched her tears fall. I watched as her world tilted on its axis and shattered at her feet.

This girl.

She sees me, all parts of me—the truths I try to hide, the secrets I bury. What’s mine and what’s not.

She sees it all, and I can only hope the truth isn’t too much. That she won’t walk away.

That she won’t leave me…alone.

We both have a past. We have ghosts. We have fears.

I’m hoping that somehow in the end, we’ll have each other too.

I’ve never needed anyone before her, and I know I’ll never want anyone else after her.

There is no one like her.

My pretty girl.


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