💫Blog Tour & Giveaway💫 Harbor by Bethany-Kris 5 💎

by Bethany-Kris
5 💎💎💎💎💎
Available February 4

*This is books 2 in the Renzo + Lucia trilogy. I suggest reading book 1, Privilege as this book follows the same couple. *

The love between Lucia and Renzo is inspiring. Despite the difference in upbringing these two have such an intense connection and unbreakable bond. The journey that they embark in Harbor is exciting and scary but as long as they were together all was good. On the run for most of the book you see the bond and love these two harbor for each other.

Lucia has always been a confident and Independant woman but in the pages of Harbor you see so much more. The strength she possesses is astounding. After Privilege, you can’t help but fall for Renzo. The strength and love that he has for all that is important to him is my favourite quality of his character. The struggles he endures just to provide for those he loves is amazing.

“…he had to be that shelter—the safe harbor.”

Oh, the feels this book takes you through. My heart hurt at the end but I know BK will mend it in book 3, Contempt. As much as I disagreed with the actions of certain characters I fully understand why those things were said and done.

I highly recommend this series! The love that Ren + Lucia harbor for each other, whether together or apart, is indestructible.

“You go, I go.”

Together or apart, they will always be connected through heart, mind and soul 😍


Lucia Marcello is the good girl—or she used to be. The youngest mafia principessa of her family, she’s not the one who falls for the man from the wrong side of the tracks, and she certainly shouldn’t have run across the country with him.

She’ll leave everything behind for him …

Renzo Zulla is the bad guy—society and life labeled him that way. The only person left to take care of his siblings, he couldn’t afford the distraction of falling in love with a rich girl far beyond his league, and he definitely shouldn’t have her riding shotgun as he runs for his life.

He doesn’t want her anywhere else …

Love keeps them together.
Fear keeps them running.
Chaos follows them everywhere they go.

How long can they keep moving before someone finally catches up?

The cost of love is always high.
Never harbor it blindly.

Note: Harbor is book two in a three-book trilogy following the same couple.


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