Truth by Trilina Pucci 4 ⭐️

By Trilina Pucci
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Released October 30, 2018

Wow! Book 1 in the Sinful Series by Trilina Pucci is so intense and had me hooked. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting.

“This”—his voice raises as he grabs his heart—“this is only for you. Fuck the rest of the world. Nobody gets this but you, don’t you understand, Drew?”

Dominic King is pure alpha male. His dominant persona was panty-melting but his heart was something only given to those worthy. Hidden beneath his hard exterior Drew Matthews was able to penetrate his walls with her take-no shit attitude.

“It’s your heartbeat. I like placing my kisses there; I hope they travel all the way to your heart.”

It was the instant connection between the two that had me beguiled . King is known to be feared and yet Drew has no such feelings towards him.

“I’ve sold my soul to the devil, and I don’t want it back.”

The contrast between his attitude towards others and to Drew is so swoon-worthy. The chemistry between King & Drew is off the charts! Their love is so raw. You feel it in your bones. King & Drew’s soul are intertwined.

“He’s my purpose and I’m his salvation”

“I’ll never find another you, so I’m never letting go.”

“Ti amerò oltre il mio ultimo respiro.” I will love you beyond my last breath.”

This story was dark, sexy, intense and is a definite must read. I look forward to the rest of the Sinful series!


The moment I saw her, I knew I wanted her. 
I just didn’t expect to want to keep her after our one night together.
But she walked away. 
She should have known better. 
I’m not the kind of man you turn your back on. 
I’ll own her.
Consume her.
Make her beg. 
What started as one night, will become forever. And I’ll destroy anyone that gets in my way. 
Drew Matthews is mine, and I am her King. 

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