💫Release Blitz💫 White Rabbit: The Fall by London Miller 5 💎

WHITE RABBIT: THE FALL (Kingmaker’s Saga Book 2)
by London Miller
5 💎💎💎💎💎
Release Date February 22

Having read The Den of Mercenaries series I know the gist of Uilleam and Karina’s history. To watch it all play out like a movie, frame by frame, shot by shot, is extraordinary. FYI, you do not need to read any of the Den books to follow this saga. White Rabbit: The Rise which is Book 1 in the Kingmaker’s saga was amazing but this one takes the cake. It is epic!

“Only one person would ever own her heart.”
“Loving someone, flaws and all.”

“He might have been keeping his secrets, but he still wanted to share everything with her.
His life.
His wealth.
Everything that made him him.”

Seeing all the high’s and low’s in their relationship made their characters so much more relatable. Never once have I doubted the love they shared. It was interesting to watch the rise and fall of both Uilleam and Karina. I’ve never deemed any of them monsters just products of horrible pasts.

“Challenging me is never wise, poppet. You should know that..”
”The way I see it, my love, I’m the one that’s winning.”

Uilleam and Karina are just getting started in their game but I can see that the journey to get to the end is gonna make or break me. I can’t wait!! I know I said this for Book 1 but this is Ms. Miller’s best work to date!!


White Rabbit: The Fall, the second book in the Kingmaker Saga, is now LIVE an Amazon and KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Karina Ashworth is willing to pay any price to be with the man she loves—a notorious fixer and the only man capable of making her walk away from everything she has ever known.

But power corrupts the soul too easily, and once Uilleam Runehart has his taste of it, there’s nothing he craves more. And when it comes to what he wants most, there is no line he won’t cross to get it.

With secrets plaguing them, and truths becoming harder and harder to tell, the things left unsaid between them might be their ruin.


How much would you sacrifice to be on top?



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