Always & Only by Gabrielle G 4 ⭐️

BY Gabrielle G
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Release Date March 12

First off I’d like to say congrats to Gabrielle G for delivering such a strong debut novel. It refreshing to see characters that aren’t the normal 20-30 year olds that I’m used to reading about.

The characters were well developed and I loved Ian and his superhero, knight in shining armour persona. Jules was infuriating but relatable. Her relationship with Ryan is super realistic and I loved how they were together.

A story about love, friendship, betrayal, trust and communication. It was a great read. In all honesty, the whole people grow wiser with age is a load of bs. Lol. These 40 year olds are no better at relationship than the average 20 year old. Lol

I highly recommend Gabrielle’s debut novel to all. This is only the beginning for this author, I look forward to what else she gives us! Great job hun!


Julie Legg thought she would marry hot country singer Paul Hoffman until every news outlet in the country reported on his numerous infidelities. In the span of a few weeks, she became the center of the latest scandal. As she tries to pick up the pieces of her heart and lick her wounds, she meets Ian Porter, newest sexiest man alive, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor, and perfect guy with a knight in a shining armor syndrome. Loving him should be easy—except Julie is confused by her feelings for her best friend, Ryan Marley, Oscar-worthy actor, who needs her in his spiraling downfall.

Julie: He’s the newest Sexiest Man Alive. I’m the most cheated-on woman in Hollywood, and my life is a PR nightmare. It can’t work.

Ian: All I want is a chance to show her that I am what she needs. I’ve waited for years, and I won’t give up, even if it means being tangled in all her drama. Some women are worth the wait.

This book contains explicit mature content and language and is intended for adults ages 18+.

Warning: The perfect guy comes with a pinch of kink, and the heroine could be seen as difficult and lost. Swearing is a must and being a mess is a prerogative — midlife crisis in progress.

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