All The Pieces Of You by Ari Reavis 4 ⭐️

by Ari Reavis
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Release Date March 25

New Author, Ari Reavis delivers a touching, realistic look into the life and relationship of a single father, Lucas (hero) told in Cassidy’s (heroine) POV in this standalone contemporary romance.

Together, Cassidy and Lucas find a way trust again and open their hearts to each other. Despite some issues that occur during their relationship there is little angst which makes this story is such a sweet and easy read. The characters are well developed and have great chemistry.

I suggest giving this new author’s books a chance. She will captivate you with her writing and capture your hearts through he characters. Ari’s books will have you feeling hopeful, so much love and give you the warm fuzzies.

Life is about all the pieces coming together…if they fit.
Cassidy knows the ugly side of love all too well, and isn’t interested in allowing it into her own life. So, why does the man at the gym make her question that?
Lucas is too busy raising his young daughter to look for love, but life has already shown him just how quickly things can change. Maybe that’s why the woman doing sit-ups has him doing a doubletake.
When the pieces of two people fit, falling in love should be easy. Except there’s always something in the way of happily ever after.
And just because two people fit, doesn’t always mean they match.

This is a standalone romance.

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