Black Swan by London Miller 5 ⭐️

BLACK SWAN (The Kingmaker Saga 3)
By London Miller
5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Release Date May 25

Holy $hit! This book was like seeing behind the scenes of all the Den books. Every calculated and strategic move by Karina and Uilleam was explained in so much detail.

Seeing how things played out through their eyes was so crazy. Everything fell into place and the battle between Belladonna and the Kingmaker had me on edge. It’s funny because you know the gist of what is going on or what is gonna come if you’ve read the Den of Mercenaries but seeing it play out through the perspective of Uilleam and Karina makes it so much more real. Like watching a movie in HD.

Just a couple more book until the Saga is complete and I am anticipating them both. London consumes me with her words and this Saga is not to me missed. A definite must read!!

Black Swan:

Strap yourselves in, the ride isn’t over yet!

Black Swan, Book Three in the Kingmaker Saga, is now LIVE on Amazon and available through Kindle Unlimited.

The saga continues …

In the blink of an eye, Karina Ashworth lost everything.

But in the pits of her despair, she finds a new purpose—a reason to keep living.

Uilleam Runehart might have shown her how ruthless he could be, but she’s no longer the girl he once knew.

No longer innocent and blind to the cruelties of the world, she’s now a woman fueled by vengeance and fury. And by the time she finishes with him, an empire will fall.

His actions have consequences, and she would be his reckoning.

From Romantic Suspense Author, London Miller, comes the third installment in the Kingmaker Saga following a woman with nothing to lose and the man who will never see her coming.

🖤 Book One:

🖤 Book Two:

🖤 Book Three:

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