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Parker S. Huntington gives us a slow-burn enemies to lovers romance. Nash is a broody hero that you can’t help but swoon over. Emery is quirky and you can’t help but love it. The chemistry between the two despite the age gap is perfection. A pair that couldn’t be more different found compatibility with each other. Two people broken and destroyed by lies and hurt find love and the journey to their hea was a ride that you don’t want to miss. It is mesmerizing and will have you fully invested from the opening pages.

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“I devoured every delicious word. Absolutely unforgettable.”

—Ava Harrison, USA Today bestselling author

Devious Lies, an all-new intense, slow-burn romance from USA Today bestselling author Parker S. Huntington, is available now!

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“She could enjoy her pretty, perfect world a little longer. Soon enough, everything she owned would be mine.”

I had a plan to escape the friend zone.

Step one: sneak into Reed’s room.

Step two: sleep with him.

But when the lights turned on, it wasn’t familiar blue eyes I saw.

These were dark, angry, and full of demons.

And they belonged to Reed’s much older brother.

Four years later, Nash Prescott is no longer the help’s angry son.

I’m no longer the town’s prized princess.

At twenty-two, I’m broke, in need of a job.

At thirty-two, he’s a billionaire, in need of revenge.

Who cares if my family ruined his?

Who cares if he looks at me with pure loathing?

Who cares if every task he assigns me is designed to torture?

I need the money.

Simple as that.

I’ll suffer his cruelty in silence, knowing there’s one thing he wants more than revenge…


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I blinked away the post-orgasm haze as the light flickered on. When my sight cleared and I finally got a look at him, I froze. Shock bulldozed into my body, nearly pushing me back had I not been gripping his flesh.

Black spots scattered across my vision, and for a second, I thought I’d faint—and it would still be less mortifying than this.

Anything would be less mortifying than this.

It was almost too much to process.

To make it worse, he was still inside me.

This wasn’t Reed Prescott.

This was a six-foot-two, hazel-eyed Adonis with short black hair and bedroom eyes that made you picture him naked if you looked long enough. Only he was actually naked and, I repeat, still. Inside. Me.

Nash Prescott.

Reed’s older brother.

His nearly thirty-year-old brother.

“You’re soaking my brother’s bed,” Nash remarked as he leaned back against his pillow and took in the sight of me. He looked annoyed, liked I was a pest who had royally fucked up his weekend plans.

“You—I—What—” I floundered, my mouth opening and closing like a fish.

You slept with Nash Prescott.

Nash Fucking Prescott.

And it felt amazing.

Don’t freak out.

Don’t freak out.

Don’t freak out.

I was totally freaking out.

Nash raked his fingers through his hair, leaned over to snatch my robe, and tossed it to me. “Just fucking relax, would you? You’d think the goddamn orgasm would loosen you up.”

For a split second, all I could think was, you weren’t always like this.

Perhaps to other girls, but never to me.

Nash was a fierce protector, the guy who would stop by my table with his brown paper lunch bag when my mom ‘forgot’ to give me lunch money. And while we’d rarely talked, even when he would share his lunch, I always took comfort in knowing I had two protectors—Reed and Nash.

I don’t recognize you anymore.

The words sat at the tip of my tongue. I would never release them. That was Reed’s hill to die on.

I cared because I hated the way Nash stared at me sometimes, accusations stabbing me from his eyes. Snide comments I would never ask him about because I was loyal to Reed, and even talking to Nash felt like picking the wrong side.

I wanted to take a few seconds to study Nash, to process my mortification, to enjoy the aftershocks of my first orgasm, yet all I could feel was Nash’s overwhelming gravitational pull, one more dangerous than that of any other boy I’d ever met.

But Nash Prescott wasn’t a boy.

He was a man.

One who made me feel like the little girl I’d convinced myself I wasn’t.

My arms slipped through the robe. The second the tie wrapped around my waist, my body solidified. My underwear remained lost somewhere, but at least I was covered.

I ignored the sting of his derision, shook my head, and pushed aside the embarrassment. “Did you know?”

The sharp accusation unfazed him. He stretched his arms, drawing my attention to the deep V of his body. I clenched around him. A reflex. My mortified eyes flicked up in time to catch his cocked brow.

“I figured it out when you moaned my brother’s name while coming around my cock.”

About Parker S. Huntington

Parker S. Huntington is a USA Today, Amazon Top 15, KDP All-Star, and KDP All-Star UK bestselling author from Orange County, California. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Liberal Arts in Literature and Creative Writing from Harvard University.

She was the proud mom of Chloe, the sweetest princess to have ever lived; has two puppies, Bauer and Rose; and lives with her boyfriend of five (almost six!) years–a real life alpha male, book-boyfriend-worthy hunk of a man.

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Facebook: http://bit.ly/2rn7GE8

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